Saturday, June 7, 2008

That Face

Since you don't come here to read words, I will keep it short. Alex's body parts are beyond description and each individual thing about him is well for a lack of a better word.........simply breathtaking. Yesterday in one of the many articles that I have read about this man and the show Moonlight, someone mentioned that the fans are the nuttiest. I have to agree, but there is nothing wrong with that. This man will drive you insane! I digress, the writer compared the love of Moonlight and Alex with Beatlemania! Having lived through and surviving the original Beatlemania, I am going to have to agree with him. I can remember those days of sitting and staring at those mop top boys from across the pond. My heart would flutter every time their names were mentioned. I bought every song they recorded, every magazine they were in watched every TV show they were on and watched their movies over and over again. This is exactly how I feel again except.........45 years later. OK, maybe Alex beats out the Beatles, I should have more sense now than I did back then at the age of 13/14. I have totally and officially deemed myself as certifiably crazy over this man. Guilty as charged. Enjoy his beautiful face ladies, he does not have a bad side or year. Oh and the first one; Cotton NEVER looked so appealing, did it? Makes me want to go out and buy some new white cotton sheets. Too bad he doesn't come with them. hehehehe
Oh, and a special thank you goes out to adoring alex website for all the great photos

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