Friday, June 20, 2008

The Matinee Idol Chin

Does the fun of this man ever end?? He is just like an amusement park ride. You just hate to see it end so you keep getting back on and enjoying the ride over and over again. Boy! Was that a colorful statement! Eh?

Not only does he have the most gorgeous features on earth, he finishes off that drop dead gorgeous face with the classic matinee idol chin. Tess Trueheart herself couldn't have wished for a Dudley DoRight with a chin this perfect. It just comes to a perfect cleft with a dimple in it and you just know that he would look fabulous on a white horse and wearing a Mountie uniform. You know the kind with the fitted red, high collar jacket with the brass buttons, the tight white pants and the leather riding boots up to his knees. OMG, I just have this vision of being tied to the railroad tracks by Snidely Whiplash and having Alex come to rescue me with that chin dressed in that outfit!! (Note to self; add that scenario to my list of Alex fantasies)

Well, Beth did what I always wanted to, she took her finger and ran it from his poochy lips down the center of that deep cleft! *sigh* I was so jealous!!

Here is the best chin in Hollywood (well the best everything, but today it is the sexy chin)

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