Saturday, June 28, 2008

Call Me Alex

Mick St John is a phone calling fool. He is on the phone a lot. He checks on Beth and Josef quite often. Wonder if he has a good plan? I bet he has lots of minutes. He probably has Beth, Josef, Guillermo, the Cleaner and Logan on his five friend plan!!

I love his screen saver. Not too many men have a red rose as a screen saver. He is in touch with his feminine side. I bet Josef makes fun of it. Josef probably has a centerfold model on his or a picture of his red Ferrari. Guillermo probably has a picture of the Red Cross emblem, and Logan has a picture of Darth Vadar. The Cleaner, probably a blow torch.

Some rumors are flying that the show may have life on another channel. Everybody that is out there, cross you fingers and toes and say a little prayer. We need our Moonlight back on.

So lets have a little Mick on the phone, maybe some phone sex would be fun? Hey it's the next best thing to being there. Call me Mick, I will listen!

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