Saturday, June 14, 2008

Missing much

Do you ever get those days when you just miss Alex/Mick so much that it tears at your insides? I do, I know you must too. I have combed the internet looking for morsels of information about him. There is nothing there that I have not already seen or heard about.
Fortunately, he seems to keep his pants on and does not get drunk and do drugs which would cause him to crash cars or sleep with minors, or get into drunken brawls. So this means that he does not get his name mentioned in the tabloids. He only does things like work very hard, do public statement announcements for the American Red Cross blood drives and lays low. Everyone is working so hard behind the scenes to get out Moonlight back on the air for millions of viewers are waiting in anticipation for his triumphant return but these things take time. For all of those fans out there, give it time, it will be back, I just know that it will.
In the meantime let us pray that he gets bigger and better movie parts. He deserves to have leading roles and I am sure because of Moonlight this will happen. The movies that he has been in, he always seem to have such small and trivial roles. Must I remind you that Johnny Depp did the same thing. He got small insignificant roles in so many movies, then 21 Jump Street started and the roles got bigger and better and well you know the rest of the story. I expect that for Alex too. He has that character trait about him and he is going to be big!
So today, I am just doing some of my favorite shots of Alex doing what Alex does best, BEING GORGEOUS!!!
Here's to Alex, the king of our world! We miss you Baby!! Please come back to us soon!

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Anonymous said...

Yes, there are days where I miss him so much, like today. I don't know what it is about today I just do. I miss him and Moonlight so much it hurts. Must be PMS or something, lol. I just wanna see Alex/Mick and Moonlight back on TV.:)