Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Hot for Alex - FEVER

I know we all have our favorite episodes from Moonlight and I have more than my share (well, like all of them) There are some parts of each show that I dearly love but one of my favorites is Fever. So many great parts in that show. He is so adorable and even when he is suffering he is gorgeous. I hated to see him suffer but we all knew he would survive in the end. I kept offering my neck to him while he was sitting in that bathtub with all the fake ice cubes, looking so adorable all wet and sexy. Oh one of the best parts is when he rips his shirt open and falls to his knees in that nasty bathroom. Wow, sexy and dramatic! Who woulda' thunk that we would give our eye teeth to be in that funky bathroom right then!
The line as he is getting ready to chomp down on Beth's arm "At some point you are going to have to stop me." was just so hot! I could hear him saying that during other times, ummmmm, maybe during sex??? Like I would ever tell him to stop, NOT!! Man alive he was going to town on her arm, you could see his adams apple moving up and down when he was gulping down her life blood.(Somebody, quick hand me a fan!!)
He showed his humanity and restraint and why we love our Mick St. John so much.
Well, here's to Fever and hotness of the sexual kind ladies!

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