Thursday, June 19, 2008

Important Announcement About Moonlight - Please Submit Your Opinion

Leeser from asked me to add this announcement to my blog. Many of you are frequent visitors to the site but for those of you that aren't I am asking you to take a few minutes to go to the site and put your vote into this survey.
Direct TV is very interested in knowing how many of you would be willing to pick up Direct TV if they decide to put it on their schedule. They have already picked up Friday Night Lights for their exclusive channel The 101 Direct TV.
They are already aware of the expansive fan base for Moonlight and are very interested at this time.
Now before you run over there and vote no that you would not sign up, that is your option for whatever reason, just consider this. If Moonlight is on TV, they are making new episodes. So, even if you cannot get Direct TV where you are at or you do not like Direct TV the very fact that Moonlight is on there, you will be able to watch them on video, through Itunes or internet downloads. As long as the show is on the air, we will have our Moonlight back.
I am really enthused about this because they have picked up Friday Night Lights already and it did not have nearly the fan base that Moonlight did.
So do all of us a favor and go to (The site is always on the right side bar of this blog)
Here is what Leeser gave me to announce:

If DirecTV does indeed decide to help sponsor the show, would you switch toDirecTV as your service provider, do you already HAVE DirecTV, or will youNOT switch at all?

You can find the poll at

Thanks, The ManagementVampire Solidarity! Rah rah rah! (and all that) Leeser

So get over there and let them know you would switch to Direct TV for our Moonlight. One vote per person please, we want to keep this honest. Thank you so much.


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Anonymous said...

I'm already registered over at MLL and I voted. This is such great news. This is a glimmer of hope after all, with all this negativity going around, this feels really good.