Thursday, June 12, 2008

Alex's Sexy Lowered Eyes

Alex as Mick or any other character he plays, has this way of lowering his eyes before he looks back up at you with this soulful, meaningful intense look. This man can say more with closed eyes than any other actor with their eyes open wide. He is a natural, plain and simple. Every move he makes, no matter how slight is a deliberate move to pull us in. Some can say it is learned in acting school and I can see that it may be refined through lessons but I say it is a natural ability to use what your momma gave you to get your point across. He has got "it". plain and simple.
It also might be because those gorgeous long curly eyelashes are just so hard to hold up. That has got to be quite the burden to tote those luscious long lashes around on a daily basis. I guess somebody had to do it, I guess he got picked. Wouldn't you just love to feel those lashes fluttering against your skin? Oh heaven must feel a lot like what I imagine this would feel like!
OK, so whether he is closing his eyes before he makes some dramatic statement to Beth about his fear of loving her, he is smelling a vampire is nearby, his precious heart has been broken, he is feeling intense, whatever his reason to close his beautiful soulful eyes. I love how he does it.
Let's face it, no matter what this man does, we are fascinated, mesmerized and forever in love with Alex. Enjoy your daily fix, I will be back tomorrow with more.

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