Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Alex's Tramp Stamp - Mark of Perfection

OK, so I am doing two days of AOL's booty. It deserves to be honored for more than one post. As we have discussed (and dreamed about, and drooled over) he does have a superior backside. PAGA-Prime A Grade Ass. There is one way of always telling his sweet little tail from anyone else in the world and that is by his very prominent tramp stamp tattoo. When I was younger a guy tried to talk me into becoming a tattoo artist and I turned him down because I said I didn't want to tattoo some guy's smelly butt. Well, the guys I was thinking about didn't fall under the guidelines of Alex. I would have paid him to put a tattoo there!!!! I would love to know more of the story about his unusual and very ornate tramp stamp. Anyway, there is never any doubt who this fine tail belongs to. I go to sleep some nights just thinking about this branded backside. Who needs sheep?


Anonymous said...

This is very very girly and it looks stupid on girls and worse on you!

Anonymous said...

Wow is that a target for your boyfriend. That is GAY!

Anonymous said...

Love it. Sort of gay bit also very cool. Am planning on getting a lower back tattoo and have finally chosen the design. My friend got a great tattoo on his arm from an amazing artist and I'm getting the same tattoo on my lower back. I think its going to work even better than on his arm, and he agrees.

Although this is my favorite location for a tattoo but the term 'tramp stamp' has always held me back. But life is to short and I'm going to go with what I really want. So I'm going to be a guy with a tramp stamp.

My wife is supportive of it but my other girl friends think I'm crazy. They say they'd never consider it as its totally slutty for a girl and on a guys screams submissive gay. But at the same time they say I can carry it off and i even have one of them considering getting one as well as she thinks its ironic. i just think its cool