Monday, June 9, 2008

Alex in the Oyster Farmer

This is an adorable and delightful indy film from Australia. It is the first movie that Alex did and he was wonderful in it. The director of the film was a woman and leave it to a woman to find the most perfect actor for her film.

This is a must see movie, you will thoroughly enjoy it and the scenery is breathtaking, even the shots of the lovely outdoors *grin*. Anyway here is a little bit about the film and one of the reasons this man is so adorable. He is just that much of an Aussie bloke, he just happens to be incredibly talented also.
In the lead role of Jack Flange is Alex O’Lachlan*, a role which seems destined to mark him as Australia’s next big international star.
“When I looked around the set at the amazing actors I was working with – Jack
Thompson, Kerry Armstrong, Jim Norton, David Field – it sometimes didn’t’ feel quite
real. I feel very fortunate to have had the experience, every moment I listened intently and watched what they were doing. I had so much to learn and they were all so willing to teach….I felt blessed,” Alex says.
Alex related to the character of Jack Flange immediately, a character Anna describes as an ‘alpha male’ and a lot like the brothers she grew up with.
“Finding the right actor to play the leading man was surprisingly difficult…I guess
because a lot of guys like the one I was looking for don’t choose to become actors, they don’t go to drama school, so ultimately they don’t get to audition for you. But Australia is full of them – you go down to the beach and there’s all these gorgeous young men who could play Jack Flange but they probably couldn’t act their way out of a paper bag,” Anna says. “I had to find an actor who was convincing as a man Oyster Farmers would give a job to, he had to look like he’d done hard physical work. But I knew I would recognise the qualities when I found the right actor…….and Alex walked in. He was so keen and I knew he would have the courage to play the role and give it his all.”
Alex found many layers within Jack that he could identify with: “The script looks at what it is like to be a man in this society. Jack is an Aussie bloke, he’s a little bit ostentatious, a little bit obnoxious, a little bit cheeky, but he’s sensitive as well. Jack is really a city kid who ends up in the scrub for the first time in his life and, unexpectedly, finds a community and love,” Alex says.
Alex loved the experience of camping on the river with David Field before production
began: “We hired a boat, found a little beach somewhere up the river and rolled out our swags. We went fishing, ate fresh fish, talked about the script… was great. It is so peaceful on the river, the air is clean, there’s wildlife and trees. It has its own little subclimate and that has an interesting effect on you.”

Oh, I could have included a bunch of shots in here but I had to include the Boysenberry Ninja shot. So in case you were wondering about the weird headdress, if you have not seen the film you cannot appreciate the last shot as much. I laughed myself silly. Genius tactic but really really funny. I won't tell you anything thing more, you will just have to see it.
Do yourself a favor and rent this movie, or better yet just buy it. You will watch it over and over again.

*This is the original spelling of his name. Although it is spelled O'Loughlin now it is still pronounced like the original spelling.

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cobby said...

I caught Oyster Farmer by accident on the Sundance Channel. And boy am I glad I DVR'd it. I had already fallen in love with Mick St John, therefore, was constantly looking for Alex "stuff". So now I have OF for posterity.

I too was a Beatle fan...I think I'm about 10 yrs older than you.

I've had a few Hollywood heartthrobs in my life and prior to Alex it was Ryan Gosling, and I still follow his career. Alex will always be in my mental portfolio (so will Mick St. John) the most wonderful fantastic character EVER CREATED BY ANY ACTOR.....EVER!!!