Sunday, June 1, 2008


Mick St. John has brought back the mullet. Thankfully! For all the damage that Billy Ray Cyrus did to it, Mick St. John brought it back with all the dignity and refinement that this hairstyle deserves. He has the perfect hair for a mullet. It is wavy and thick in the back and looks great when he is running, leaping, jumping and doing all those other sexy vampire moves that he does so well. Let's face it, a short jock haircut just doesn't look as good as a flowing mullet when you are cruising down Sunset Blvd in your vintage Mercedes convertible. Remember perpetual coolness is the vampire's curse. So is the perpetual mullet. So today we salute Mick's mullet and those wonderful sideburns, let's not forget the sexy sideburns, quite the compliment to the revival of the mullet.
Oh by the way, the last photo with a blond mullet is from Feed, just to prove that Alex was a mullet fan long before Moonlight. Long live the mullet!

This was taken from an interview he did for Pop Watch blog and he mentions his now famous mullet. Can't you just hear him saying this? Gotta love our Alex!
Alex O'Loughlin: The mullet. I grew up in a mullet kind of world, a mullet-y school with mullet-y friends. I had several mullets over the years, so I have a longstanding personal relationship with the mullet and I'm ready to mullet anytime. I can mullet right now. RIGHT NOW.

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