Friday, June 27, 2008

A Moment I Stopped Breathing - The Turning

Back to Fated to Pretend. So we got to see Mick be human for a short amount of time. For him we were happy but we all knew that he is a vampire and he does it so well. I think secretly even Beth was glad that he didn't stay human. She sort of missed the "Jumpy Vampire Thing" that Mick could do, she actually said that.

It was the actual turning that was so spellbinding. Josef liked to refer to it as the returning and technically he was right but Alex loved to rub it in that Josef was his "daddy". We got to see the true friendship/love between Mick and Josef. The brotherhood that they shared and the love that they had for one another. Very sensual and very touching. Personally, I was as touched by this relationship as I was for MicBeth, maybe even more so because of this episode. Love may come and go but brotherhood stays forever, if it is true. They share their dark secret and it is eternal.

I sat there and literally stopped breathing during this amazing scene. I could not believe what I was seeing on the television screen. I may have even rubbed my eyes to make sure it was real if I wasn't so dumbfounded to remember. I sat there motionless for as long as that scene lasted; not breathing. I still look at that scene in awe, every time I re watch it. What brilliant writing and what a wonderful chemistry between two fine actors, they had you believing every single part of it.

Thank you Trevor, thank you writers, producers, and crew members and especially thank you Alex and Jason for taking my breath away. I will never, ever forget it.

Here is a great video about this friendship, I thought it was put together very well.

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