Sunday, June 22, 2008

Hats Off to Alex - Trevor Munson on the radio

We have done almost all of his body parts but we will take a return trip to some of them and find others to explore when I find the right photos. The man is perfect in every way and I am sure that it won't be hard to do a re run of him soon. For today, we are working on his hats, guess that means we will have to travel back down his body. Not a bad trip, eh?

I got to talk to Trevor Munson on the phone today and I asked him the question I wanted to ask him. How close was Alex to the character that he created for the original book and did he have any say so on choosing him to play the part. His answer was very interesting. He had said that Alex was the first one to audition and Ron Koslow (Beauty and the Beast) told Trevor afterwards that he thought they had found Mick St. John. Trevor agreed but said that since he was the first one that he convinced Ron that they should finish the auditions. Ron agreed to that but he said he thought that Alex was their man. Trevor said that Alex was so convincing and eloquent in the audition that they were sold on him. As for if he looked like what Trevor had imagined him to, he said no. That when he wrote the book he had pictured a young Mickey Rourke but as Alex played the role and they adapted it to Alex. I am so glad for that, Mickey Rourke was really sexy in 9 1/2 Weeks but something really weird happened to him, so icksnay on the ourkesray!

Anyway, Trevor Munson is a wonderful, kind man and I wish him much success in the future. He was hurt as much by CBS's faux pas, as the rest of the cast, crew and viewers.

You can hear the entire interview here. I was hoping to hear him answer more questions but the interviewer seems to like to hear herself talk. So there is a lot of wasted time, but he did stay on for 1 and a half hours.

We wish his mom well, she had a bone marrow transplant last week.

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