Sunday, June 8, 2008

Tantalizing Tongue Art - Oh Sweet Alex

Seriously, I had to make a folder with just pictures of Alex's tongue shots. I have so many photos that is was the only way to keep track of them. I had a hard time narrowing them down to 5. I could do an entire blog of nothing but tongue shots. Whether it's done on purpose or he is just concentrating or anything in between, he has his tongue out nearly as much as it is in. Personally, I think this is a GOOD thing.
I tend to do have this habit too. They say that it is a sign of a very creative person, well if that is the case this guy is Picasso, Mozart, Shakespere and Einstein all rolled up into one beautiful package. He is the master of tongue art.
Let us salute this gorgeous tongue today, and try to keep your mind out of the gutter if you can. Ooooops, Mine is already there.


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