Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Alex in Feed

This may not be a movie you would like but then again it stars our adorable Alex so that makes it a little more appealing doesn't it? My God, he was gorgeous in it! I recommend that if you rent/buy this movie, watch the extras first. See how they made the movie, listen to the actors being interviewed. It will give you a better sense of the movie and make you feel a little easier about watching it. Seeing the fat suit being molded and watching our Alex being interviewed (he is just so damned cute!!) made me feel much more accepting of the movie. It was very hard at times to see this morbidly obese woman laying there like a lab experiment. It also made me not go to the kitchen for a cookie too!!

It is a pretty harsh movie about a pretty bizarre subject but over all the acting by our Alex is beyond brilliant. No one could make a demented character like Michael Carter understandable and even tolerated. I was less tolerant of the avenger and co-star Phillip the Aussie cop played by Pat Thompson. It was hard to tell which one was the good guy. Neither of them, but which one was better?
This is not a scary movie in the visual way as much as it is in a psychological way. It is one of those movies that makes you wonder about what is out there behind closed doors.

The actress that played Deidre has a fine comic sense of timing and believe me she would have to. It must have been torturous laying inside of that latex fat suit. Of course she had to lay there also while Alex pranced around in the nude. That would drive a normal red blooded Alex fan insane!!
Also they cleverly made Alex look very very young in this film. It was only made 3 years ago. They had to wax this man from stem to stern. He not only was bare chested, I do believe that this is the first time I have never seen him with a 5:00 shadow.

Well, I am being honest right now. I could say that the movie was fascinating, the lighting was unusual, the story line interesting but that would be mute for me. I love the chameleon thespian who shall be named Alex O'Loughlin, he is just amazingly real in any role he takes on, but to be honest here. I just love looking at this man. He is beautiful, whether he is long or short haired, blonde or brunette. Dressed or undressed, he is simply HOT. Honestly, I put this film on counter and fast forward to the scenes with him in it and ogle.

I can promise that you will never listen to Cherish, Yummy Yummy Yummy (I hated this song the day it came out and this just confirmed to me that I still hate it), and of course Isty Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka-Dot Bikini. I can never get that image of him shaking his booty and vamping out of my mind. Priceless!!

Here is an article and they interview the director Brett Leonard http://www.pixelsurgeon.com/interviews/interview.php?id=232

But of course, I know why you are really here. So feast your eyes on Alex as Michael Carter. Obviously, I have pictures of him as Micheal all over the place on this blog
so I tried to put some new ones on this segment. I have lots of shots of him, so I will add more later. Enjoy yourself ladies of the gutter!

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Anonymous said...

OMG!!! I finally received my copy and I've seen it over the weekend. Can you say disturbing much.. WOW!!! Don't get me wrong I really enjoyed it, some parts were gory and other parts were funny,especially the one where Alex is doing the dance on the bed, he played the demented Michael really well. He looked so young and cute, it was hard to imagine Mick during this movie. But boy does he have a nice body, GOD!!To see his booty, talk about PERFECTION!!