Thursday, July 31, 2008

Will Bryant - Breathtaking Will

I love love love this movie. I love the love story, the fact that it is a true story is amazing. It was a well written, beautifully filmed and the acting was superb. I really think that this is one of Alex best roles. He was a natural in it.

I also think he was at his most handsome. What a perfect looking man! Well, Alex is just perfect no matter what. So I am going to make you stare at Will Bryant and you will like it!!

I bet I don't have to make you do it very hard, do I?

His eyes were hypnotizing (when aren't they?) I have so many shots of him I could go on for days but here a few.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Alex Inc.

This man could be a big industry all to himself. I just bought a science fiction magazine; not because I am a science fiction fanatic, I am not. I don't have anything against it and some of it is just great but that is not why I spent $10.00 on a magazine from across the pond. There was an article and pictures of Alex O'Loughlin. I think I am seriously addicted to him. Think..............OK, let me re-word that...................I know it; I am seriously addicted to Alex O'Loughlin. It is sort of obvious, isn't it? Come on, you know the feeling, otherwise why would you be in this blog reading this? OK, 'nuff said.

He has some kind of weird pheromone or something. It seems to come across the film and audio. I get squishy just hearing his voice. I and millions of other otherwise reasonably logical women. WTF???

Let's face it, there are lots of good looking actors out there. Many that I have ogled and admired but never in my entire life, including the age where most girls have "crushes" did I ever become so obsessed and addicted to any actor, singer or whatever. It borders on psychotic. I don't want to be cured, I just want to figure out why. I have some good theories but all of the defy logical explanation. So I am just lost in Alexland with a whole bunch of you other women. I just want to see him back on TV, I don't care if he gets a program on the cooking channel. I just want to see him and listen to him speak. Please God, bring back Alex. I promise to be good, just bring him back so I can have my fix. I am begging you! Amen.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Shady Character

Well, since Mick has to protect himself from the sun he is always in shades when he is outside. No self respecting vampire is going to be caught outside during the day without them. He makes shades look so much better than anyone else. Of course he makes everything so much better. I love his beautiful eyes but he does look very handsome incognito. I salute Alex/Mick and his shady ways!! Short and sweet tonight!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Kissing Alex

Well, I probably don't have to ask this but I will anyway. Have you ever fantasized about kissing Alex? See, I told you that question was silly. Of course you have, anyone who has ogled this man has thought about it. He brings it out in all women of all ages. I have seen dignified professional news women puddle to the ground while they are talking to him. It is sometimes pathetic and what is so adorable about it is he knows it but still doesn't quite understand it. He is so aware they are flirting with him and he just maintains this laid back persona that is just too cool. Ah, our darling, darling Alex. He has those kissable lips and those gorgeous eyes. It would be so hard to stand face to face with him and not just want to throw your arms around him and hug and kiss him.

Would you, rather kiss Mick, Jack,Will Bryant, Michael Carter, Kevin Hyatt or just Alex himself? Well, I would kiss them all but of all the characters I think it would have to be Will. He loved Mary so much that he put himself through hell just to be with her. I think that is sexy and he was sexy. But they are all kissable, yes even Michael, as long as he didn't offer me a hamburger.

Well, here is to kissing Alex and I am envious to the ones he has already kissed.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Rumors are Flying/ Is Alex CSI-LV bound?

The rumors are hot and heavy now about Alex going to CSI. I know a lot of Moonlight fans are upset and having a fit over it but I felt that this was going to happen when he released his blog a couple of weeks ago. It was like he already knew that he was coming back but Moonlight wasn't going to be in his immediate future.

Personally, I am and always will be an Alex fan first and foremost. I could refer to the term Alex whore and it wouldn't be far off the mark. I will watch, read and look at anything that has him or any part of him on it or in it. The mere mention of his name can send me into a frenzy. I have never been star stuck before but I sure am now. I sometimes think I am nuts but, I don't even care anymore. He is captivating and I know I am not the only one that feels this way. This man is hot and Nina Tassler knows it too and she has known it from the beginning. The camera loves this man. It is so seldom you will find an actor or actress that the camera loves no matter what. Only a handful through the years have this effect on the masses and Alex is one of them. This man is going to be big one of these days. We are going to see him in a lot of movies someday. He is an actor's actor.

I am one of those who although I loved Moonlight and was devastated at losing it, my devastation was in not being able to see Alex every week. I would prefer Moonlight but since that ain't gonna happen right away I want to see him on a weekly basis. I have always loved CSI-LV, it is the only CSI that I watched faithfully and I have been a huge fan of William Peterson. I loved that secretive nerdy quality he has. I knew that he was getting ready to leave the show and I was sad about it but he has been on for 9 years now. Alex is the answer to Grissom leaving, the only way I can accept Grissom leaving would be for Alex to step in. I believe that CSI is as stable as Law & Order and Alex is just what CSI needs to give them a shot in the arm. He is gorgeous to look at and the man can act. He will have some of the best writers in the biz and he will build up a wonderful character. I can totally see this happening. I think Nina saw it too and probably had Alex in her cross hairs from the beginning for this role. No announcement yet but I have a feeling you will be hearing something by next week. They let this leak out and the rest cannot be far behind. We shall see.

I got these great gif files off of the MoonlightLine forum. Thanks for the great movement. This guy can act, don't believe me look at the first one where he plays Michael Carter in Feed. He turns from sweet and playful to evil in 10 seconds flat. Amazing!! One of the best scenes in the movie.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Addicted to All Things Alex

I was reading a thread on MLL tonight and it was a newer member of the tribe. She was worried about her addiction to Moonlight. She can't seem to get enough of it and she is concerned about when it will go away. Immediately 10 people replied all saying basically the same thing. We are all addicted to Moonlight or in my case my obsession has gone into full blown addiction to Alex. I don't care what it is, if it has Alex in it, I will watch it, save it, buy it and adore it. I have never felt this way about anything or anybody in my life like I have this man. I wish there was a way to explain it but I don't think there is any logical reasoning for it.

These women have families that think they are insane. Mine does too; I try to hide it from them but they know, so do my co-workers and friends. Some I have pulled down the rat hole with me but most look at me with a pitiful look as if I have lost my mind. Maybe I have and I really don't care.

I am a reasonable person, but not when it comes to Alex. I am not one of those crazy stalker types. I know that I am never going to hunt him down and tell him that the Gods think we should be together for all eternity. It is not that kind of obsession. He is young enough to be my son in fact he is 3 years younger than my son. It is like he has awakened something inside of me that I thought went away a long time ago. A look back at my forgotten youth.

Anyway, I am addicted to all things Alex and I don't give a damn anymore. He is wonderful to look at and I just adore him. I just wish that I could see him on something every week. I am sure that CBS ripping him out from under us like they did has a big part of this. I was just so happy to have him to myself every Friday night. I would record it and then watch it a couple of times during the week and then look forward to another Friday night again. If they would just put Moonlight back on the air I am sure my world would settle back down again to something normal. We shall see..............we shall see.

Oh an adorable clip for you to watch. You might see why I am so addicted to this adorable man and his friendship with Jason.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Another Snark - I Just Couldn't Help Myself

I had so much fun making the first one that I had to do it again. This time it is about that damn CBS eye that is in every Moonlight screencap.

One of the other members of MLL made up a great on where Mick moons the eye. It was hilarious so I had to make up a snark about the eye. I saw these screencaps and knew exactly what I wanted to do.

Enjoy, and I hope they make you laugh. I love making fun of Mick's seriousness. He is always so intense. Even Alex had said in an interview that when he would get the scripts, some of then had Mick doing so many heroic things that he said out loud. Come on Mick, why don't you give it a rest already. Have you ever just thought about going on a holiday and just sitting in a shack and do nothing for about 8 days? It was so funny.

So here is another snark.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Mick and his Vintage Mercedes

Naturally Mick would have a cool but conservative car. What could be cooler than a vintage Mercedes. I used to date a guy who had the same kind of car as Mick. His was sort a a cadet blue with a cream top. Mick's is black with a camel tan top. I appears to be the exact same model and year, a 500 series 1956 or 57. Arvin (my old boyfriend) was a good looking guy too. Yeah, he was as good looking as Alex (could that be possible???) but he was really handsome and I dumped him. Call me crazy! It won't be the first time. But I digress..........I would never dump Alex/Mick, I have learned my lesson!! Even without the cool car!

Those cars were built to last a long long time. Since Mick is nearing 90, it is only fitting that he would have a car that he could relate to back in the 50's. It would have been another way for him to keep that connection to his human past.

Well, we are doing pictures of Mick in his cool car. It may not be as flashy as Josef's red Ferrari but that is so Josef and the 'Cedes is so Mick. He looks so good in this car!

Enjoy our Mick and his cool car. Love the last shot of him cruising down PCH!! Love driving on this highway although it seldom ever looks this empty!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Josef & Mick: The Adventures of Male Underwear Models Part 1

Josef & Mick: The Adventures of Male Underwear Models Part 2

On they have a thread that they call Sharing the Snarkiness in reference to Josef and his wonderful snarky remarks. I am forever dedicated to my Mick but Josef is just what Mick needs in his life to keep him from getting too serious. When things are getting a little too intense with Beth, you can always rely on Josef throwing in a few one liners for comedic relief. I always find that is such a nice way to break the tension.
I tend to be a bit of a snarker myself, it is my way of relieving a tense situation. I love one liners and consider Johnny Carson as the master of the comedic one liner. The man was a genius at delivering a sarcastic remark with perfect timing and finesse. Josef (Jason) has that edge and timing. I don't know whether the writers saw that and used it or it just sort of happened. It is not something you can just do, you have to be blessed with that timing. I like sarcastic humor, I love Brit/Aussie/Kiwi humor. It always has an edginess to it and a little read between the lines type of insinuation.
So anyway, I decided today to try to make up some snarks on there and ended up making a whole scenario of Josef and Mick: The Adventures of Male Underwear Models It was fun to do. I would love to write for a comedy show, I think that would be so much fun!
Anyway this is going to take up two blogs so I will sort of do this backwards. I will publish the first five last and the last 5 first so they will be in order. Bare with me on this one folks! Those of you who are signed up for blog notices look for the second one shortly.
I hope you like it!