Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Alex is Going to Eyelash Prison for Eyelash Porn

I have always said that there should be a law against men having long luscious eyelashes. You know, the kind that women spend big bucks and tons of mascara on? Well, if that were true, Alex would be doing life in prison with no possibility of parole! Not only are they long and thick but they are curly!!! My God, is there no end to this man's attributes? He is freekin' gorgeous!!
He is tall, smart, funny, talented, warm hearted, insanely good looking, athletic, built like an Adonis and he has long, thick, curly eyelashes!! I will say it right now, God worked overtime on this man. It is so obvious. He made him just to drive women crazy!!! We surrender!
Well, it is time for a little eyelash porn. This should rev up your engines girls. How would you like to feel these lashes fluttering on your bare flesh? You know what I'm talking about. Oh yeah!! Flutter away Baby!! THUD!!!!

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