Saturday, June 21, 2008

Leapin" Vampires!!!

Alex is famous for doing a lot of his own stunts and he loves to do them. I am sure it is to the dismay of his directors and producers. When the star gets hurt then the show does not go on. He is so athletic and full of energy it is fun too watch though. OK, so he is fun to watch when he is just sitting in a chair. My most favorite thing to see him do is walk, I love how he walks. He sort of throws his feet out in front of him and pushes himself along with his knees. It is the most adorable strut I have ever seen before. I can barely stop squealing when they have him walking on screen. It doesn't last long as the boy moves very quickly. Well, he is a vampire, so vampires are very agile and graceful, he does it well.

Anyway today he is full of action. Let's just watch Alex do his "thang"! Love those long legs!

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