Sunday, September 28, 2008

Doctor Feelgood - Episode 3

This was the episode that Beth and Mick deal with one another knowing the truth about what Mick really is. He revealed a little about what happens in the vampire community to Beth but not too much about his personal experience. He has opened up to her enough that she knows that he must trust her with his secret. Now she has to prove to him that he can trust her to keep the secret and still be a reporter. Also we get a glimpse into how Mick was turned by Coraline on their wedding night. We are introduced to the cleaners and learn a little bit more about what vampires can or cannot do.

Some classic lines were made in this one too. One of my favorites is when Mick and Beth go to the rogue vampire's home and when she follows him in, he turns to her and says "And staying in the car means??? she follows up with "Oh and that worked out so well last time!" referring to the incident where LeeJay nearly torched Mick in Out of the Past before Beth came in and shot him.

He was so handsome in this episode, (OK, he is handsome in all of them but there was something so handsome about him in this particular episode) One of the little things that I noticed in this one that I just loved is how he jumps up on the wall when he is chasing the rogue Dr. vampire. I was impressed with that because Alex does most of his own stunts and I thought that was pretty slick.

So anyway, in the end he incinerates the rogue and does not let Beth be a part of this. He goes by to let Josef know what he has done. Next, he stops by Beth's to tell her the whole story of how he was turned.

Now she knows the whole story and they can get on with their little dance for romance that they do so well together. He lays his hand on hers at the door and this is really the first time that he initiates any physical contact since Beth is usually the one who does that.

Dr. Feelgood sets us up for one of the best episodes and one of my favorites next time. So as Alex/Mick says: Stayed tuned for scenes for the next Moonlight. (His voice sends shivers down my spine)

Monday, September 15, 2008

Out of the Past - Epidsode 2

Sorry for the long absence, real life stepped in and I had to deal with that. Alex understands, he is such a gentleman. I just hope this makes sense, I am on some really good pain killers.

Today we are going to discuss Out of the Past. I think this is one of the most important episodes of the series. It is where you find out a little about Mick's history and of course it is when Beth finds out that Mick is a vampire. That scene where he is sitting there jerking and begging her now to look at him is one of the best bits of acting I have ever seen him do. This man is a born thespian.

My favorite part of the movie didn't last too long and that was the Red freshie party. Oh My Oh My was that fun. I have written a series of fan fics on that one particular scene. I will never listen to Duran Duran's Hungry Like a Wolf without thinking about Mick choosing Red. So sexy! Oh and Beth saved Mick's life this time. You start to really see the relationship between them form and it is adorable. Also Josef and Mick's relationship is more defined. Great music throughout this episode too. A must see over and over again. Add Image

Thursday, September 4, 2008

No Such Thing as Vampires

OK, I am sort of feeling a little nostalgic for my Moonlight and after hearing that again the DVD set may or may not be coming out in the US market. Thank you Mr. Silver for all of your nonsense. That is a fine way to treat all the loyal fans of your show. You led us to believe that you might shop the show and now we find out that you wanted to massacre the original concept of a wonderfully produced nior filmed private eye/romantic hero vampire show and turn it into a 3 ring circus with werewolves, secret watchers and battles in the streets of LA. I am surprised you didn't add circus clowns and trained seals too. Now we know the real reason why CBS cancelled it, and you wouldn't budge on what you planned plus you wanted more money. When I think of that poor cast and all the work that they did, especially our Alex trying to keep the show a float.........well it makes my blood boil. Shame on you. Anyway enough of that. We are going to go through each of the shows and reminisce about each one. Each show had something special and this was one of my favorites for a lot of reasons but especially since it is the first time I saw Alex and fell madly and deeply in lust with him. I remember thinking any guy that looks this good is worth a look and see and boy was I glad I looked and see'd. I haven't stopped since!

Of course there was the interview, I loved the interview! He was so adorable and we got a little glimpse of what was to come. Then there was the first time Beth and Mick saw each other in person. I love to watch Alex's mouth move, I know I am weird but those little things are what I love so much about him. When he says there are no such thing as vampires, I have to stop it and play it over again just to watch the way he forms his words. The calm way he says ouch after Beth conks him in the head with a vase, that was adorable. The way he jumps down the stairs and attacks the professor and says "I know she was here, I can smell her on you." So many great lines. I loved the interaction between Mick and Josef. Josef was threatening to cut a guy's heart out on the phone and the next minute he is affectionately straightening Mick's lapel. So many adorable moments. I have heard a few say that NSTAV was not well done and was sort of amaturish but I disagree. I thought it had a lot of character and charm and I wouldn't have changed a thing. except to make it longer, I was so sad when it was over. Who could forget those red silk pajama bottoms and of course the very end when he wraps those wonderful muscled arms around Beth in such a protective but guarded way. Perfect and touching. Love love love this episode!! *sigh*