Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Return of Moonlight - Fated to Pretend

Oh I remember the first time I ever felt any angst about my beloved Moonlight. It was when the writers strike happened. All of a sudden there was a void in my week. Friday nights was my night to kick the hubby out, ignore the grand kids and shut down the phone for one hour and just be with my vampire and I recorded it so I could watch it again before I went to sleep. It was just a part of my weekly routine and then all of a sudden it was not there. I felt this pang of emptiness and a sense that I was being denied my one little piece of heaven. Then the ax started falling on some of the new shows and I started to worry. I held my breath. Then Moonlight won a Peoples Choice Award and YES!; they would have 4 new episodes to film with the end of the writers strike. A Peoples Choice Award, heck that would surely guarantee another season (wrong, so damn wrong! - but that is another story)

So finally the writers strike came to an end! I waited anxiously for April 17th, when they announced the newest episode would be aired. Wait, they moved it back to April 25th. OK, I can hold off for that long, besides they replayed The Mortal Cure on the 17th and caught us all up, so that was good, I got to see him on the boob tube again. I was just sitting there one night folding clothes and watching CSI when all of a sudden I heard a Moonlight promo and looked up to see Alex coming towards me on the beach, he was still a little battered from his run in with Lance but he was on the beach and obviously human. He was walking straight towards me! I held my breath and then he asked "Did you miss me?" I blurted out "Yes!" along with a sigh, and my husband looked up at me with the strangest look on his face. I realized then and there that I was hopelessly in love with this man. I had already googled him a thousand times and downloaded photos into an album. I read all I could find about him and joined the fan clubs but never did I realize how much I was hooked on him until that moment. My addiction was in full force by then. It has not let up to this day.

So on April 25th 2008 our darling Mick came back into our lives. I watched holding my breath through the entire episode of Fated To Pretend. I wanted him more than anything then. What the hell was wrong with me? I realized a few weeks later that I was only one of millions of women that felt the same exact way. CBS broke our hearts but not our spirits just a month after he came strolling down the beach looking like a God of all men. I will never in my life forget it.

We will get you back Mick St. John, but Alex will be around for a long long time.

I still relate this beach scene with the song Mercy, no truer statement could be made. We were begging him for mercy. What a man!!


Grace Whisperer said...

Hi Cindy,
I just wanted to let you know how much I'm enjoying your blog!! (All these lovely pix, how could I NOT?!!) You've captured exactly what I went thru with my Moonlight Addiction! It amazes me how many of us are saying the same thing. Still can't believe what CBS did to our beloved. :(

~NY_Moonlighter on MLL

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