Friday, July 4, 2008

A Tour of Our Favorite Man

Happy 4th of July Alex fans!
In celebration of Independence Day, I say we take a look at our adorable and beloved Alex from Head to Toe. He is worth the grand tour. Has anyone seen anything on this man that is not perfect?
He has beautiful curly brown hair, unbelievably beautiful blueish/greenish/hazel eyes that are rimmed with those long curly lashes. A slender aquiline nose of a Greek god, those full pouty well shaped lips with the sweet indenture just below the bottom lip, that strong masculine chin that has a cleft and a dimple. He always has a 5:00 shadow because he is so hairy and sooooo manly! We have not gotten past the face yet and he already sounds made up and straight out of a romance novel. Fabio, even in his younger days could not hold a candle to Alex.
Now we get to the body and oh what a body it is!! This man is what the "V" is all about. He has a strong muscular neck that is attached to the most perfect broad shoulders. Then we have the pecs, those wonderful bulging fur covered pecs that match the muscular arms and well formed back. Next, we come to one of my favorite parts of him (hey, I have lots of favorites but this is just my "thing") Those beautiful hands. They are expressive and large, with long, graceful fingers and say so much about this man. OK, that was my indulgence, now back to his torso and that tight 6 pack set of abs he possesses which sports the cutest little navel and a slender tight waist.
Now we are getting to the danger zone! (Can you hear the song in your head?) Oh my, unless you blind or just totally not breathing, you cannot miss the "package". This man was standing at the head of the male endowment line. He got his fair share and then somebody else's too. I am sure that more than a few of us have had some sleepless nights just thinking about Moose. (Yeah, I can say it here, this is my blog, remember?
Now let's turn our sweet baby around and take a look at the finest ass that ever walked the earth. Perfect in every way! This is the master mold for a male butt.
Curved and muscular, not too small and not too big with the little dents on the sides of his glutes. Oh my, not a flaw on that cute little posterior and of course he has it accented by that magnificent, very recognizable tramp stamp that manages to come to a point right at the very top of where those sweet little cheeks meet. What a treat. I could stare at this for days.
Next we have the thighs, those furry, strong, muscular thighs. No chicken legs here, this man has the pumped thighs and the calves match. Of course our Alex even has perfect feet. Long feet perfectly shaped, with beautiful straight toes.
Seriously, did God just put him here so we could see what His handiwork is capable of? I think He must have. Well, I am a believer, for sure! This is a gift from God ladies. I thank Him every day for our beloved Alex.
So enjoy your day and enjoy our day trip of Alex. I shall see you back here tomorrow, same Alex place, same Alex channel.
Now go light a sparkler for our sweetie. He so deserves it!

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