Monday, July 21, 2008

Kissing Alex

Well, I probably don't have to ask this but I will anyway. Have you ever fantasized about kissing Alex? See, I told you that question was silly. Of course you have, anyone who has ogled this man has thought about it. He brings it out in all women of all ages. I have seen dignified professional news women puddle to the ground while they are talking to him. It is sometimes pathetic and what is so adorable about it is he knows it but still doesn't quite understand it. He is so aware they are flirting with him and he just maintains this laid back persona that is just too cool. Ah, our darling, darling Alex. He has those kissable lips and those gorgeous eyes. It would be so hard to stand face to face with him and not just want to throw your arms around him and hug and kiss him.

Would you, rather kiss Mick, Jack,Will Bryant, Michael Carter, Kevin Hyatt or just Alex himself? Well, I would kiss them all but of all the characters I think it would have to be Will. He loved Mary so much that he put himself through hell just to be with her. I think that is sexy and he was sexy. But they are all kissable, yes even Michael, as long as he didn't offer me a hamburger.

Well, here is to kissing Alex and I am envious to the ones he has already kissed.

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