Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Another Snark - I Just Couldn't Help Myself

I had so much fun making the first one that I had to do it again. This time it is about that damn CBS eye that is in every Moonlight screencap.

One of the other members of MLL made up a great on where Mick moons the eye. It was hilarious so I had to make up a snark about the eye. I saw these screencaps and knew exactly what I wanted to do.

Enjoy, and I hope they make you laugh. I love making fun of Mick's seriousness. He is always so intense. Even Alex had said in an interview that when he would get the scripts, some of then had Mick doing so many heroic things that he said out loud. Come on Mick, why don't you give it a rest already. Have you ever just thought about going on a holiday and just sitting in a shack and do nothing for about 8 days? It was so funny.

So here is another snark.

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