Sunday, July 20, 2008

Rumors are Flying/ Is Alex CSI-LV bound?

The rumors are hot and heavy now about Alex going to CSI. I know a lot of Moonlight fans are upset and having a fit over it but I felt that this was going to happen when he released his blog a couple of weeks ago. It was like he already knew that he was coming back but Moonlight wasn't going to be in his immediate future.

Personally, I am and always will be an Alex fan first and foremost. I could refer to the term Alex whore and it wouldn't be far off the mark. I will watch, read and look at anything that has him or any part of him on it or in it. The mere mention of his name can send me into a frenzy. I have never been star stuck before but I sure am now. I sometimes think I am nuts but, I don't even care anymore. He is captivating and I know I am not the only one that feels this way. This man is hot and Nina Tassler knows it too and she has known it from the beginning. The camera loves this man. It is so seldom you will find an actor or actress that the camera loves no matter what. Only a handful through the years have this effect on the masses and Alex is one of them. This man is going to be big one of these days. We are going to see him in a lot of movies someday. He is an actor's actor.

I am one of those who although I loved Moonlight and was devastated at losing it, my devastation was in not being able to see Alex every week. I would prefer Moonlight but since that ain't gonna happen right away I want to see him on a weekly basis. I have always loved CSI-LV, it is the only CSI that I watched faithfully and I have been a huge fan of William Peterson. I loved that secretive nerdy quality he has. I knew that he was getting ready to leave the show and I was sad about it but he has been on for 9 years now. Alex is the answer to Grissom leaving, the only way I can accept Grissom leaving would be for Alex to step in. I believe that CSI is as stable as Law & Order and Alex is just what CSI needs to give them a shot in the arm. He is gorgeous to look at and the man can act. He will have some of the best writers in the biz and he will build up a wonderful character. I can totally see this happening. I think Nina saw it too and probably had Alex in her cross hairs from the beginning for this role. No announcement yet but I have a feeling you will be hearing something by next week. They let this leak out and the rest cannot be far behind. We shall see.

I got these great gif files off of the MoonlightLine forum. Thanks for the great movement. This guy can act, don't believe me look at the first one where he plays Michael Carter in Feed. He turns from sweet and playful to evil in 10 seconds flat. Amazing!! One of the best scenes in the movie.


Anonymous said...

I love your way with words because I think you're reading minds and yes I'm in the rat hole with you.

Anonymous said...

Another addict here.
I would actually be fine with him in CSI - it's a program I like and watch and the character has enough of a back story to give Alex something to work with. Besides, the more exposure he gets the more likely we will get that movie or mini-series in my opinion. Plus the 10 million plus that watch CSI will now be exposed to Alex - it's got to be good for him.