Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Alex Has Spoken - We Will Support Him

Well, Alex has spoken and I have been waiting for this letter to arrive. He is ready to move on and I am sure that we all support him in doing so. He fought so hard for Moonlight but you cannot expect him to hang onto something that is not at this time realistic for his aspirations. The man needs to eat and also strike while the iron is hot. Hollywood is a fickle town and out of sight, out of mind is the key factor in getting roles. He needs to be out there so we can look upon that lovely frame and face of his.

OK, that does not mean that you have to give up the fight for Moonlight. I am 1000% positive that if the chance comes up that there is a return of the series in the future or a possible mini series or movie that Alex will jump at the chance to do it. He put his whole heart and soul into playing Mick St. John and I doubt if he would ever pass up the chance to play him again.

When is the key question, it could be months from now, it could be years from now. We have no way of knowing. He needs to get out there and make us swoon. So no matter what he ends up doing, we will be there in mass to cheer him on as he pushes that star of his a little higher in the Hollywood sky. He deserves it, every bit of it. I have a strange feeling that we will be seeing him very soon in another series. I will lay money on it. It won't matter what he plays, you know it will be good. Alex doesn't do anything mediocre.

So, let's wish him all the best wishes that this lovely man deserves. You don't have to give up fighting for Moonlight but just know that Alex needs to move his career along.

We love you Alex. You will have fans for a lifetime.

Here is his My Space blog that he sent out yesterday.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Family and Friends
Dear Family, Friends and wonderful fans. I have recently been going through a lot of mail from you guys and I wanted to take this opportunity to say a few things. First, I would like to preface by appologizing for any late replies to mail I have been sent. I try to get to it all asap but sometimes it goes through a number of different channels before I even see it and time can slip away. But the main reason for me writing is that I have found myself totally overwhelmed at the amount of support you have all been giving me in this time. Its true, to have something you put your heart into taken away can be difficult, painful and sometimes confusing. In this instance all of the above. But never do you expect to receive anything like the amount of cards, letters and notes of appreciation and love that I have recently. It has been awesome!Thank you all so very much. Only too well do I understand the attachment so many of you had to Moonlight and to Mick, Beth, Josef and the gang but now that they have been laid to rest I can only hope you will all follow me into my next exciting adventure, whatever that may be. We all fought so hard. We all worked so hard. I guess some things are simply out of our hands. I look forward with great anticipation to giving you all the news of the next chapter in this crazy career of mine!!And again, thanks for all the wonderful support. Warmest regards

Alex O'loughlin. x o x

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