Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Shield, Gritty, Gripping and Gorgeous Alex

The Shield is a good dramatic series. Not for people that insist that all things work out in the end. Seldom does anything in this show end with a heartwarming note. It is dark, stark and very real. The acting is very good and the characters have more warts than Witch Hazel.
One of the shining bright parts about this show was the day that Detective Kevin Hiatt (our beloved Alex) walked into the barn. He was a former FBI agent turned special forces cop in LA. He was brought in to take over from Michael Chiklas' role of head of the special forces which was not a good place to be. He quickly makes his mark as one of the guys but he is determined to play by the rules. He soon finds out to keep up with this group of social rejects, it is next near to impossible. Hiatt spends a lot of his time riding the fence but always tends to fall back on the good side. You found yourself cheering on his righteousness but knowing that this probably was not the job for him.
On the 9th episode, Recoil, is the most unbelievable scene and inevitably Kevin's swan song. He and a subordinate have a little session on a chair that will leave you gap jawed and spellbound. It is worth watching the whole series just to get to this part. My God, every woman in America was wishing they were on that man sitting on that chair. It had to have been one of the most steamy clips on TV and it only lasted only 29 seconds. You can see it over on the right side of this blog. Just click on the chair picture. My heart starts racing just thinking about it. Wow!

Fortunately he is only in one more episode because by this time, Alex was hired to play our beloved Mick St. John for Moonlight. So don't feel too bad that he leaves the show after the next episode. He went on to capture even more hearts as our Mick. He was so sexy and cute as Kevin Hiatt and we will always have the chair.

Here is a great interview clip where he talks about it. Yes girls, he was totally naked in that chair. I can bet that the actress will never be the same. I love how he says "icky", he is just so damned adorable!


Michelle said...

Oh my goodness, Cindy, he actually almost said "sexual penetration" in that interview. Whew. Yeah, I definitely see the attraction.

Anonymous said...

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