Thursday, July 10, 2008

I'll Take the Red - Out of the Past

One of the hottest scenes in Moonlight for me was the scene I like to call the Red Freshie Party. It was Mick and Josef at a party and the whole background of the room was illuminated in red. Mick had on an off-white suit and he was sitting with his long legs sort of spread out in a chair. Josef is standing next to him in a silk smoking jacket. The song that was playing was Duran Duran's Hungry Like a Wolf. You wouldn't take it for anything but an 80's style mingle party until Mick flashes a smile and those fangs show up. He and Josef were at a freshie party!

Josef snapped his fingers and two very attractive women, one redhead and one blond, immediately come over to where Mick and Josef are and Josef turns to Mick and asks "Red or White?" Mick, narrows his eyes, studying the women and with a slow breathy reply says; "I will take the red." He reaches up for her and she sits down on his lap and he pulls her to him and bites down on her neck. Josef takes takes the blond and does the same thing. OMG!! That was so sexy! Of course the phone rings and the butler has to interrupt Josef. Josef snaps at him and says, "I told you! Not while I am eating!" You know that was a moment for a Josef one liner. The phone call is Mick's answering service with an important call so Josef comes to get him. He gently lays his Red freshie back on the chair as she has passed out and takes the call. End of the scene. Darn it!
I would have loved to have seen what went on after refreshments were served. As much as I adore the love story between Mick and Beth, I would have loved to see Mick and Josef go back to the wilder days when they were both players.

Anyway, that was a great scene and I cannot imagine any girl turning down a vampire that looked like that! Wow! I love that scene!

So here are a few stills from the Red Freshie Party. Enjoy!

P.S. We haven't finished fighting for our Moonlight. We understand that Alex needs to move forward, in fact it is vital that he does but we can still campaign to get our show back on the air. I am certain if we do get it back, he will be ready and willing to give us more Mick St John. Don't give up the fight but do support Alex in anything that he may appear in.

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