Sunday, July 6, 2008

Henley Fever

Because of Mick St. John there are a lot of fashion crazes going on. Long coats, sideburns, modified shag mullets, tight jeans, big chunky belt buckles, big chunky wristwatches, leather jackets and sport coats, silk pj bottoms, chunky white gold jewelry. Everything this man puts on looks so good. But the article of clothing that so identifies him is the Henley T-shirt. I always loved Henleys when I was younger and used to love to wear them to sleep in as well as just kicking around. The button neckline was so comfy and loose, compared to some T's that come a little too close to my neck. I even have a few night shirts from long ago that are still in one piece that I pull out once in a while to wear. Well, they have taken on a whole new meaning now. I will never look at a Henley T without thinking about Alex and Mick St. John.
When he rips off the Henley in Fever, I nearly fainted. What a sight that was! He has had his Henley staked, shot with bullets, stabbed with knives and they must spend a fortune in Henleys for Mick. He is a sharp dresser and always has a nice clean tight Henley on for the next shot. My heart just skips a beat when he walks into a scene with a clean form fitting Henley, a tight pair of jeans and one of those chunky belt buckles on. Can you hear me sigh?
So today I am dedicating this blog to Mick and the Henley. May we see both of them together for a long time. Cheers!

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