Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Another Shot of Alex in the Arm

Well, if celebrating Alex's birthday and getting the blog from him wasn't we have a 30 minute interview with Shelby the 10 year old wonder kid! This girl was as savvy as they get for a 10 year old and she hit the ball clean out of the park with this interview. She even frosted James Hibberd and put a green stripe down his back. He actually was whining about the fact that she got to interview him and he never has. That made me laugh. Shelby did the interview for Jericho for Kids and she did an excellent job. Here is what he wrote. Does he sound jealous?

“Shelby, a 10-year old girl who created who has raised money charities [and] helped raise money to send Jericho Season 1 DVD's to our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, and who has interviewed many actors and music stars was granted an interview with Alex O'Loughlin on Monday, August 25, 2008. During the interview Alex said he thinks 'Moonlight' would make a good movie."Now ... wha-- okay. Let's ... let's. Okay. First ... there's a "Jericho For Kids" Web site? Well, it's homepage is ... interesting. Not a nuclear explosion drawn in crayons ... but ... still actually combines a kiddie style and "Jericho." The tagline: "Where kids and 'Jericho' meet." Second, the site is sending "Jericho" DVDs to troops in Iraq? I don't ... really? Third, the kid just interviewed Alex O'Loughlin for the site? Okay, O'Loughlin has ... absolutely nothing to do with "Jericho," but ... that's pretty darn impressive none the less (I've written a half dozen posts on "Moonlight" and never interviewed O'Loughlin). And Shelby, it should be noted, asks better questions than some TV critics. Seems O'Loughlin wanted to be a fighter pilot when he grew up."

I got permission from Shelby's mom to put the link on my blog. The only request is that you listen to it and not download it as it is copyrighted. She did this for a good cause and she was able to use her 10 year old charm to get Alex to talk about things that he is very protective about normally. There is a lot to this interview and I promise you that you will go away with a good feeling. He is such a wonderful person and I am more in love with him now than ever. Oh and congratulations to Goth (Pam) she got two of her questions answered. Way to go Goth Myst!
Also listen for Shelby on Moonlight radio. According to her mom, she is going to put a little more insight and let you know some more of how the interview came about. Check out Moonlight Radio for details for times and dates on the right side of my blog.
So pull up a chair and get yourself something cold to drink (you are going to need it!) and listen to the lovely Alex and his velvet voice be interviewed by 10 year old Shelby.
Shelby, we love you Honey. You did good!!

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