Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Just Waiting......Trying to be Patient......For Alex

I cannot wait much longer. I want to see his darling face on my TV screen soon. He is so addicting and I am so addicted to him. Knowing what a talented and dedicated actor he is I can bet the farm (not that I have one but if I did.........I'd bet it!) that he will have a role that is so suited for him. We will all be spellbound and he will have us eating out of his hand. I check the trades every day to see if there is any word on anything yet but I can bet that Mark Gordon and Alex will both be working on a role that is perfect for him. So until then I have his movies and the reruns of Moonlight and the Shield to go back a ogle at the most beautiful mAdd Imagean in the world. Care to join me?

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