Monday, August 25, 2008

Alex O'Loughlin ~ A Class Act

I have said this time and again and I am far from alone in my opinion that Alex is one of the nicest guys around. He deserves every opportunity at success that there could possibly be for him. Not only is he "uber" talented and "uber" good looking but he is so wonderfully thoughtful and appreciative of his fans. He still cannot believe that there is anyone out there that could possibly be interested in his career. What a guy! Well obviously you know that yesterday was his birthday and sure as could be, the first thing this morning here comes a thank-you note from him on My Space thanking all of us for our thoughtfulness and well wishes. Wasn't that sweet. Here is what the letter said. God Bless this man. I have been walking on air all day just thinking about how thrilled he must have been to see all of his cards, letters, e mails, donations in his name to the ARC Blood Bank and gifts he received.

Oh Alex if you only knew how much you are loved and how much enjoyment and pleasure you have given to so many. We all love you more than you will ever know.

Well, we need an Alex fix so that means more pretty pictures of our man. God got it right when he made Alex. What more can I say.

Monday, August 25, 2008

August 25th
Dear Family, Friends and Fans.Hi there all!I would like to preface by thanking everybody who has been involved with the various American Red Cross events recently, and to those of you who have helped make the actual blood drives happen, congratulations and THANK YOU!!!The American Red Cross is such a terrific and important organization that saves many lives every year and I am very proud to be associated in any way I can.As you know yesterday was my birthday and thanks to everybody around me I had a really great day. In fact it was amazing. Another year older, but not necessarily wiser! To answer some of your questions and just so the record is straight I am now 32, having been born in 1976 contrary to what other sources may tell us, which makes me year of the Dragon in Chinese astrology.Never before have i received anything like the volume of kindness that i received this year. I have been inundated with messages, cards and gifts from so many of you and I am trying to get back to you one by one but it will take me a while so I really appreciate everyone's patience.It's funny. Instead of Mom, Dad, Bro, Sis, Nan & Gramps etc... I now have 10,000 "thank you" letters to write!! Whoa LOL ;)As you know I have now officially signed back with the CBS family for a new show opportunity. We are currently in development of a number of new ideas and this will keep us busy through till the end of the year. I know this isn't much information but I'm under contract again and I'm afraid it's all I can give you right now.Anyway, I just wanted to touch base with you all quickly on my way to work and say thank you for making yesterday great. It really was.Warmest regards to you all.

Alex O'loughlin x

Support this man, watch for him and let him know just how important he is to us. He deserves to take the world by the tail and run with it. Frankly, I cannot wait until he does. It is going to be so fun to watch. "Our" Alex.


Anonymous said...

Love your comments Cindy you say everthing perfectly.

wondergirl9847 said...

Alex is such a wonderful guy to keep in touch with his fans this way. I am glad to read he had an incredible birthday. :)

fayth fidler said...

alex is 1 of the best actors of all time he needs 2 b bac on moonlight as well as being noticed more.He really deserves it!i think tht he will go down in history, but thts just me. And if theres any1 tht dosnt kno him,... well thts there lose because he is truely one of the nicest, funniest, truley talented people of all. i hope he knos tht. Alex u deserve the best bud, have a wonderful birthday!!!!