Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Fever - Episode 4

Sorry, I am slow on posting these. A little news first. Things are looking pretty positive for our favorite man. Sounds like Alex's presentation to the big guys went well and now the second step is at hand. He's not saying anything definitive yet and I don't blame him. I am very superstitious too, so we will just sit back and say our prayers and hope that they get their pilot shot and it is a big success. We want him back on the air with a #1 hit by next year. I will wait, and wait, and wait. Luckily he has lots of opportunities so they know that they have a talent on their hands and they are not going to let loose of him easily. Go Alex, we are rootin' for ya'!!

Fever - OK, this is probably my favorite episode of them all. I love Out of the Past but hated Lee Jay, although he was a necessary evil for that episode. Fever has so much Mick in it. He was so adorable through the whole thing and you could see his vulnerable side and the vampire lust come out in him. He shows off his smarts to Josh which intimidates the poor man even more than he was before. He basically solves the case by himself against an arms dealer. It was everybody else getting involved that almost got him killed. What part of "I work alone" don't they get?

When he was in that nasty bathroom in that seedy run down motel I was glue to the set (OK, I was glued to set through the whole show) but he is so sexy when he was wet and he was wet the entire time he was in that bathroom. There were a few things that were comical about this part and one being that the old motel had a working ice machine. Some really major guffaws in the storyline. After all, he is a vampire, so I don't see anything so bad about an abandoned motel with a working ice machine in the middle of the desert. OK, the ice looked like tofu floating in the bathtub, we all knew it but no one said anything because the man is wet and topless in a bathtub for crying out loud! What more do you want? I know he could have been pantless but this is prime time on CBS, OK? That was never going to happen. Mick kind of looked like a Japanese soup with little chunks of tofu floating in it, but I would proudly serve him on my dinner table any day!

We do know that he looks HOT in a baseball cap. We have already established that for the majority of the show he was wet!! Who could forget him tearing his shirt off and falling into the bath water? OK we have verified that the man is totally HOT no matter what he is or is not wearing and whether or not he has a hat on or if he is walking, driving or bathing. The man is HOT - did I say this show was called Fever, now we know why!!

Also we saw Beth bawling her eyes out when she thought he was dead. I was waiting for her to scratch Josh's eyes out but instead she went home and broke down. I would have opted to scratch out Josh's eyes if it had been me. We knew then that she loved her vampire. (Who wouldn't? He's gorgeous and smart and brave!) So when she finds out that he is alive but barely, it is Beth to the rescue. One of the best scenes ever between the two of them is when she offers her blood and he finally accepts after a little bit of convincing. Come on Mick, you know you aren't going to die if there might be a chance that you might get the girl in the end. No one is going to let you die over a little vein tapping. I love how she stuck her neck out there, I mean she literally stuck her neck out there for him. I was at home on the couch offering mine to him too! He politely grabbed her arm and warned her "At some point you are going to have to stop me." Whoa!! The icy blue eyes and the fangs a full mast and he chomped down for a little desert snack. Of course, Beth will remind him of this at a later date. Then you see him at the FOS and Beth is trying to get him to open up the door. He just can't do it. He swears it has to end but we all knew better, it was just beginning!! Bravo!! Good episode!!! YaY!!